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Outsource Bookkeeping                   In-House Bookkeeping


Outsource Bookkeeping Services:

Monthly write-ups from your check register

Bank reconciliation

Credit card reconciliation

Financial report generation

Monthly or quarterly reviews of your financial reports to answer any questions you may have



In-House Bookkeeping Clients:

What We Can Do For You

Construct a chart of accounts

Install and set up your software
Automate your manual books
Convert your books to a new software
Design your forms
Train you and your staff: at your site, at your speed, one-on-one or in group classes
Support you: on-site or by telephone
Analyze your expenses and recommend controls
Reconcile your bank and credit card accounts
Develop spreadsheets and graphs
Organize your work flow and filing systems
Develop and implement operating procedures


What We Can Help You To Do

Control your inventory

Manage your cash flow

Manage your receivables and payables

Develop budgets


What We Can Teach You To Do

How to use your software

Basic bookkeeping skills for business

How to read and understand your financial reports 

How to design reports that get you the information you need

Contact Us:

(914) 669-6079

email: Carpe Datum

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