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Carpe Datum and CaliCo Systems Inc. provide both web site design and training in FrontPage 2000.

Design Services

Turnaround: Our clients usually have their new site published to the web in less than a week. Express service is available for even faster results. 
Cost: For around $300 we provide a site comparable to this one.  
Searchable: Our service includes installing META tags on your site to increase the likelihood of being hit by search engines and gaining higher results than sites without these tags.
Marketing: We will enroll your site at 5 of the top search engines, and teach you how to quickly and easily enroll it at any other engine you wish. 


Personal: One-on-one, hands on training on your computer by designing your particular site with you as you learn.
Cost-effective: You learn how to update and improve your site without having to hire a designer every time you want to make a change.
Cost: For around $300 you get a day of training, a 5 page web site, membership at a free online hosting service, your web published to the internet, keyword META tags to help your site list on search engines, and the ability to enroll on the search engines of your choice. Travel time to your site will be billed additionally if it is more than 30 minutes from North Salem, NY.
Qualified Instructor: Your instructor is a classroom FrontPage 2000 instructor for Adult Continuing Education in New York State, as well as an experienced personal software trainer.
Support: You have the option of enrolling in a support program that will provide you with telephone guidance from your trainer in the event you need support. 
NOTE: Accomplishments during training will vary depending on your level of prior experience on the computer and with Microsoft products. Assumptions above are based on training a student already familiar with the Microsoft interface, such as that in Word or Excel.

Samples of what you could be able to do in FrontPage 2000 before lunch break on training day.

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