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computer support. hardware installation, upgrades. software installation, set-up and support. front page web site design training. 

Information is Power...

Carpe Datum

We put the Power in your hands.

Small Business Services

We offer a wide range of small business services that provide you with the tools you need to run and grow your business. 

These include:


Hardware installation and upgrades

Software needs analysis

Software installation and set-up

Software and operating system training and support

Software research and evaluation 

Web site design and training in Microsoft Front Page

Inventory management

QuickBooks Certified Professional consultation and training

Procedures manuals and work flow systems

 Information is Power....

            We put the Power in your hands.

Contact Us:
Phone: (914) 669-6079
Email: Carpe Datum   

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Contact Us:

(914) 669-6079

email: Carpe Datum

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