QuickBooks Question (From the QuickBooks Knowledge Base)

Version: Windows -- QuickBooks 2000, 2001
Q: How do I invoice a customer for a part or percentage of an estimate in QuickBooks 2000 or 2001?

A: If you need to invoice for a part or percentage of an estimate, you can use the Progress Invoicing feature. When you use progress invoicing, QuickBooks offers you three ways to invoice a customer. Choose:

100% of an estimate or all of the remaining balance,
a percentage of the whole estimate, or
a different percentage for each line item on the estimate.
To turn the progress invoicing feature on:

From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
From the icon list, select Jobs and Estimates.
Click Yes at the question, "Do You Do Progress Invoicing?"
Click OK.
To create a progress invoice from an estimate:

From the Lists menu, choose Customer:Jobs List.
Select a Customer:Job.
From the Customer:Jobs list window, click Activities, and then choose View Estimate.
From the Create Estimate window, click Create Invoice.
From the Create Progress Invoice Based On Estimate window, select one of the following:
Create an invoice for the entire estimate (100%). Use this option to transfer all items on the estimate to the invoice. If you created a progress invoice previously, this option will be for the remaining amount of the estimate, instead of 100%.
Create invoice for a percentage of the estimate. Use this option to transfer all items on the estimate, with amounts based on the percentage you supply in the % of Estimate field.
Create invoice for selected items or for different percentages of each item. Use this option to specify the quantity, rate, amount or % of each estimate item to transfer to the invoice.

To modify the amount or percentage you want to invoice for each item:

From the Create Invoices window, click Progress Detail.
QuickBooks displays a Specify Invoice Amounts for Items on Estimate window, from where you can make your changes. To see details from the estimate, check:
Show Quantity to add a column showing the quantity of items from the estimate and a column showing the quantities previously invoiced.
Show Percentage to add a column showing the percentage previously billed for each of your line items on the estimate.

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